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A layer of white foam in my honey – sign of a good quality raw honey!

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Recently, we were asked about the white bubbles that sometimes appear on the surface of our honey jars.

Honey foam may be one of the most surprising things about the appearance of raw honey.  

Raw honey will crystallize over time and will usually have a slight layer of white foam on the surface, marble-like swirling or white spots in the upper sides of the jar. This is caused by air bubbles that have risen to the top. It is a sign that the honey has been packed without heating.

White foam is often greeted with the words: “What’s that white stuff on top?” If you find the white foam in your honey jar, consider yourself lucky.

Honey foam is delicious. It is light, flavourful, and packed with air bubbles that have trapped some of the wondrous stuff that is in raw honey: pollen, propolis, wax, and, of course, raw honey.

What you’re looking at is ‘honey foam,’ which is a result of the tiny air bubbles in the honey escaping to the top. This is due to air bubbles trapped in the honey during processing and packaging. When the packaged honey rests, the air bubbles work their way up to the top of the container, creating the foam.

What are other ways to recognise a good quality honey?

  1. 🐝Honey consistency

Real raw honey is usually much thicker than processed or fake honey; it takes time for honey to move from one side of the jar to another. Fake honey is usually very runny.

  1. 🐝Read the label

Real honey’s ingredient list should only read 100% honey, no additives or added favours.

  1. 🐝Honey smell

Real honey’s aroma is usually quite strong; you can almost smell the flowers. Fake honey has no smell whatsoever.

  1. 🐝Use water to test it

Pour water into a glass, place a spoon of honey in the glass of water. Gently shake the glass. If the honey starts to dissolve and mix with the water, it’s not pure honey, if the honey forms a small lump and sinks to the bottom of the glass, it is a sign of a good quality honey.

Do you want to know more about the differences between raw honey and processed honey? Click here and read one of our dedicated blog posts.

Final thoughts? As with everything, always read the labels, focus on origin of honey and choose wisely ♥


Raw Raw vs Processed Honey Signs of good quality honey

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  • I bought this raw honey during my visit from the Philippines in March. I saw the honeycomb that the guy have who is selling the honey. A month after, I noticed bubbles like stuff leaking from the top portion of the container but I thought the lid is just not too tight although it was sealed with tape. Today, June 8, 2020, as I was cleaning my pantry I notices more leaking so I took it out and as I was removing the lid, the bubbles popped out like opening a soda can after you shake it. I tasted it and taste ok i guess. It’s thick and taste like a flower that I smelled from Hawaii. Is the honey still ok? Thanks in advance for your info.

    edith on
  • Please my honey has foam on the top but very light in colour and it is also not thick. Please I want to know if it is good.

    Thanks You For Enlightening Us On Good Honey on
  • Hi Jana,
    thank you for all of your knowledge about good quality raw honey. I originally came to this sight because we had white foam in our jars of honey and started to freak out wondering what was going on so thank you again.
    also I Just want to send you some friendly information about the honey consistency in the whole state of Hawaii that it is much thinner then raw honey else where, the reason for that is because of all the tropical flowers and fruit trees that we have here. We also have people that come to the farmers markets where we sell our raw honey that are bee keepers from Florida that say they have a thinner raw honey also.
    thank you for your time,
    Lee Wilke


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