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6 Interesting Facts About Honey

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  1. 🐝Honey never expires. If preserved in an airtight container honey has unlimited shelf life, it might get slightly darker and thicker but it is still perfectly suitable for consumption. The best before date is generally included for the regulatory and tracking purposes only. No more fear of stocking up!
  2. 🐝Worker honeybees are all females. Main function of male bees is reproduction.
  3. 🐝Eat honey and get smarter! How that sounds? Unprocessed raw honey contains an antioxidant called pinocembrin that improves brain function. Medical Researchers have started to use raw honey as one of the options to reduce brain degeneration caused by Parkinson's and Alzheimer's diseases.
  4. 🐝Honey bees are extremely clean. Thanks to the sterile environment created in the bee hives raw honey contains an incredible amount of antioxidants that can help to boost our immune system.
  5. 🐝Honeybees are the only insect to produce food that can be consumed by humans.
  6. 🐝In the entire life, a worker bee only produces 1/12 of a teaspoon of honey.
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