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The big news is out! Alex Ikonn and Mimi Ikonn love BAL.HONEY ♥

Over the weekend, Alex shared on his Instagram multiple stories endorsing our brand and his and Mimi’s genuine love of our honey! We are over the moon, as they do not do public endorsements very often. Thanks to them our website almost crushed overnight :)

When BAL.HONEY was created, inspiration came from people like Mimi and Alex who built their businesses from scratch to multinational companies. They did not only inspire us but we took action and created our own lifestyle brand - BAL.HONEY. We strongly believe that only brands that give people value can survive in today’s competitive market. When we started, we knew that our honey must be of the highest quality with sustainable packaging and delicious taste.

To bring a new product to the market we had to comply with many regulations and overcome many obstacles. It was a long journey but our dream of creating BAL.HONEY and making such unique honey available to European customers was stronger. We persisted and on 28th November 2018, we went live.

Almost six months later, we are currently selling in over 40 physical stores around London (click here to see the full list), we launched in Amazon UK and subsequently in,, and Our sales are booming and we could not be happier with the positive feedback we are getting from all customers.

We are still very much in the beginning of our journey, our goal is to make BAL.HONEY available all around the world, whether it is your local pharmacy or a major health store (spoiler alert: we are expanding to an exciting new market very shortly).

We would like to thank everyone for their support and please share with us your thoughts/comments about our honey; we would love to hear from you!

On a different note, stay tuned, as BAL.HONEY team will be hiring very soon!

With love,


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