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Why should raw honey be part of your diet?

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As you know from our previous article Raw vs processed honey, raw honey is a powerhouse, full of vitamins and enzymes that should be part of our everyday healthy diet. When looking for food supplements, we should always look as the natural remedies around us first before reaching for tablets or pills.

Let’s have a look at some incredible ways how adding raw honey to your diet can improve your overall well-being.

🐝Immune booster

Honey’s antioxidant and anti-bacterial properties can help your immune system defend you against illness, including the cold and flu. Honey helps with treating sore throats, coughs and nose congestion too. To improve your immune system, add 1-2 tablespoons of raw honey to warm water daily, for an extra boost, add fresh lemon and ginger or turmeric.

🐝Energy source

The natural sugars in honey provide a healthy source of calories and energy for the body. When feeling tired or low on energy, use honey to boots your performance instead of other refined sugar options that provide just a temporary increase in the blood sugar followed by the sharp fall.

🐝Digestion helper

Do you suffer from bloating or indigestion? Raw honey can help as it contains natural probiotic properties thanks to the large amounts of friendly bacteria. Honey naturally relieves acidity in the stomach and improves digestion. Honey contains certain enzymes that acts as a catalyst in the digestion process, especially, to disintegrate the carbohydrates and sugars.

🐝Weight-loss aid

When it comes to weight loss, same questions always comes up – how can eating something as sweet as honey can help to lose weight?

Drinking warm water with lemon and honey on an empty stomach, first thing in the morning, is the best way to start your day and boots the metabolism. The quicker the metabolism works, the better results we can see with the weight loss. Reaching for raw honey instead of processed food can save us some calories and it is much healthier too. Studies have even shown that raw honey may increase appetite-regulating hormones!

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